LED Pickguard

Posted on March 30, 2023

Project Description

This is a prototype of a transparent pickguard with LEDs inside that dynamically react to the sound coming out of the guitar's pickups. It’s a similar concept to the old analog color organ, but my idea takes advantage of DSP which results in more advanced effects and flexibility in how the LEDs react. Everything was custom designed myself, including the circuit as well as the code that runs on the microcontroller. I modified the CAD design of a Stratocaster pickguard and 3D printed it with transparent filament. The system can be adapted for other instruments as well.

Project Details

  • Stratocaster pickguard that dynamically reacts to the player
  • Similar in concept to the color organ, but this uses DSP to provide more advanced effects
  • 3D printed with transparent filament
  • 4-way switch provides different modes including a static color mode
  • Control knob adjusts the sensitivity or changes the color in static mode
  • Built-in battery can be recharged through the micro USB port
  • Future improvements include better lighting to cover a wider area of the pickguard and additional modes

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